Roof Repair in Sebastopol

Our roofing company believes you must have a plan to care for all aspects of your home and we are proud of the fact that we have many years of experience to guide and support of clients as they do so.

Our full service maintenance department will handle any roof repair work on almost any building. From a simple cleaning of a flat roof or gutter system to complete maintenance work on large commercial buildings or homeowners associations, we cover all roof related repairs. We can come out for a single visit or set up a plan for many years of worry free maintenance work to extend the life of your specific roof system.

How do you know when Roof Repair is Required?

Roof repair is generally required under the following circumstances:

  • After extreme weather condition
  • General long-term exposure to weather
  • Lack of Maintenance

Roof repair should be dealt with as hastily as possible, in order to prevent the development of damage into more serious problems, or other areas of your roof or house. Therefore if you find yourself in one of the above situations, or suspect a possible problem with your roof or an aspect of it, do not hesitate to call us.

Roof Inspection Services For All Roofing Types

Sutter Roofing provides complete roof inspections for all kinds of roofing, and are able to provide you with semi-aerial roof inspection photography, which can be important for all roof inspections. We inspect the interior and exterior of your entire roofing system, record all inspection findings and supply you with an official roof inspection certificate when complete.  Our roof inspections comprise comprehensive report on all details of your roofing system.

The first step is an inspection and evaluation, with a look at the total roofing system, not just the roof itself. That includes carefully analyzing the roof deck, the flashing, chimney caps, downspouts and gutters, vents and flues.

Roofers are also ordered by real estate companies for properties that they have in escrow.  Sellers of real estate can use them for disclosure purposes.  Buyers of real estate can use them so that they know what they are getting into before making an important investment.

Other Roof Repair Services

If you do not have your roof maintained regularly, then you are probably in need of some roof repair services. We provide all home roof repairs for most kinds of roofing. Some of our services include:
  • General roof emergency repairs
  • Storm and wind damage repair
  • Leak repairs – including locating the source of the leakage, removing excess water and preventing the spread of water
  • Flashing repairs
  • Replacement of penetrations and/or equipment, such as flashings
  • Replacement of damaged roof tiles and shingles
  • Fascia repair work
  • Unblocking of drainage systems
  • Cleaning of vents
  • Tending to cracking and loosening of mortar
  • And a whole lot more.

Emergency Roof Repairs

In an emergency situation such as natural disaster, it goes without saying that if your roof is struck, every second is crucial.

Each minute that passes without emergency roof repairs can greatly jeopardize the safety and protection of both you and your assets and will mean a world of difference when talking roof repair.

This is why you need a fast acting and reliable roofing contractor on hand at all times for emergencies. Experience is vital when handling storm damage and other kinds of disaster, and you can feel reassured that the roof repair work we perform is of the highest standards.

We also ensure that you receive adequate photography, pricings, and scheduling of roof repair work for your insurance company, by our expert team.


  • We use this checklist at every roof maintenance visit.

    1. Removal of all debris off of roof.

    2. Removal of all debris from gutters. Check all downspouts to make sure they are flowing freely and not clogged.

    3. The entire roof is carefully inspected. Any missing or cracked tiles or shingles must be addressed immediately. Document, photograph and report to owner.

    4. All roof flashings will be carefully looked over to ensure that proper waterproofing is in place. Any torn flashing or damaged flashing must be addressed immediately. Document, photograph, and report to owner.

    5. Identify any new penetrations from other trades such as, but not limited to, pipes, A/C units, and satellite dishes. Document, photograph, and report to owner.

    6. Chimney check. Take note of any irregularities. This can include bubble or lifting of the shingles, broken or cracked shingles and so forth. Document, photograph, and report to the owner.

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